Wood-Fired Ovens in Australia

We love Australia and the fact that most Australians love good outdoor dining anytime of the year!  Australians love to enjoy great food and have a beautiful sense of adventure.We appreciate the love Aussies have for cooking, the outdoors, and gathering with family and friends. This has contributed to the rising popularity of having an outdoor kitchen. This is where our Authentic Pizza Ovens come in.  When you combine the weather of Australia, with the culture of food and friends, a pizza oven is a no brainer. We have brought to Australia hand-crafted authentic wood fired ovens so you will have the opportunity to discover the authentic old-world traditional wood-fired cooking in your own backyard!

Traditional and Modern Pizza Ovens

Authentic Pizza Oven’s offers both traditional ovens, as well as modern ovens! They are mainly purchased for residential use but our larger modern ovens have been very popular for commercial use in cafe’s or food trucks. See all our oven models here

An investment to your home!

Authentic Pizza Oven Australia’s authentic wood-fired oven is a fantastic addition to your home. More than just adding real estate value to your home, and making it more aesthetically pleasing, having an outdoor oven provides a warmth to your homes with the memories you make with your loved ones. Indeed, the best way to somebody’s heart is through the stomach, so show your love for your family and friends with good ol’ homestyle cooking. This whole experience offers almost something therapeutic that can’t be duplicated any other way. Pizza ovens are not just for pizza!

Create outdoor ambiance

Having an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is an extension of your house where you can do most of the entertaining. Whether you like a delicious homemade pizza or meats grilled to perfection, Authentic Pizza Ovens Australia is all you need to create that outdoor dining ambiance. Our wood-fired ovens are also perfect for barbecues and grilled recipes. Save money from dining at expensive restaurants and feel the mood in the comforts of your home. Your family will surely love spending more time at home. Creating memories, forging new friendships and strengthening old ones, over food and laughter, this is what entertaining is all about.

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Watch our How-To Videos

We have prepared these how-to videos to help you in using your Authentic Pizza oven.

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Shipping within Australia

Authentic Pizza Ovens are handmade by artisans from Lisbon, Portugal. We have our fulfillment centre in Sydney and we ship daily Australia-wide. We also offer free pick-up or discounted freight rates. For more information about shipping, check it out here.