About Your Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza Oven


Authentic Pizza Ovens are high quality authentic, handcrafted ovens that are made for you to have at your home in Australia.  Bringing friends and family together especially during these unprecedented times is priceless. 

Our ovens help create and foster an environment of hands-on family style cooking which brings you closer to your loved ones. From kneading the dough, preparing the toppings, to ultimately creating a piping hot, wood-fired, one-of-a-kind pizza to enjoy as a group, something to look forward to a weekend arvo.  Australia Day feasts to Christmas roasts to fire-roasted shrimps and snags, you don’t need a barbie for that!

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Pizza parties are a must and a favourite activity among our pizza oven community! Our Authentic Pizza Ovens truly are certified memory makers!!

Our ovens are intricately handcrafted using only the highest quality materials.  Each one was made in a village north of Lisbon, Portugal and delivered to you here in Australial.  We ensure that our ovens are the most authentic product using refractory (fire) brick and patent Rockwool insulation.  Our ovens have the capability to reach the desired high temperatures needed to create thin, crispy crust as well as beautiful meats and veggies. It can also retain temperatures for low and slow, perfect for a home-made wood fired bread.

When you use only the authentic pizza oven, like ours, the flavours of naturally cooked wood-fired pizza are unmistakable. The crispy base, created by setting fire directly on the cooking surface, is a hallmark of our ovens. This is what makes Authentic Pizza Oven Australia’s wood-fire ovens one of the best in the world. The quality and freshness of an expensive restaurant pizza can be yours at a fraction of the price, right at the comforts of your home. A wood-fired pizza oven is an investment that adds value to your homes well beyond the fun and memories you serve up.

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Taking Care of Your Oven

Portable Outdoor Wood Fire Oven


Our ovens can be used for both indoors and outdoors, but most of our community prefer creating a space outside to enjoy the outdoors. It is very important that your oven isn't sitting in wet damp weather. Covers will protect the longevity of your oven. Our ovens come with a custom-made cover to protect it from dust but severe weather conditions especially rain when not in use. See our Accessories Page for options.

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Using Your Oven for the First Time

Like the authentic ovens of Europe, it is highly recommended that you “break it in” by making a small fire (low heat) to dry out any moisture in the oven. For our traditional ovens, this process of curing your oven should be repeated every day for 5 days. A visual inspection of your oven will provide you with the best clue as to its readiness. It is good to note that the brick surfaces transition from black to white as charcoal burns the oven walls.  Remember, the weather in Australia can get wet, cover your oven after each cure and when you’re not using it!. 



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Even with your best efforts in properly curing your oven, cracks will appear. This is completely normal for terra-cotta and brick wood fired pizza ovens. Cracks may appear around the dome or along the seam between and inside the brick and mortar. They expand when the oven is hot and retract when it cools. A special repair kit to fill any cracks comes with all our traditional brick ovens. Most European pizza oven owners do not patch their ovens as it is a sign of a seasoned oven and because they are only superficial cracks. Again, the ovens will crack but to delay it and to avoid creating larger ones, it is important that you cure your oven properly. 

Check here for suggested procedure and temperatures for curing your wood-fire oven properly. 

It is also common for the base of the oven to crumble a little. Remember, the base is made from concrete and is essentially there to protect the oven while in transit from Europe. You can easily paint the spots with the Ultra-Fire Crack Repair or use some mortar to conceal.

Properly installing your oven is just as important as it is to cure your oven properly. Before installing one in your kitchen, there are other additional considerations to take note of.  Check out FAQ’s for proper oven installation procedures.

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  • Remember, Authentic Pizza Ovens are handmade, and every oven has its unique character. No two ovens are exactly alike making your kitchen or backyard aesthetically unique!


    See video examples of our products and their uses:

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    This video will show you how to repair cracks that will appear.


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