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Firewood Online

Firewood Online is a online firewood supplier. They supply a variety of firewood to Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Their range includes a premium range of pizza oven Firewood that is supplied to restaurants and domestic homes.

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria and servicing the area of Melbourne, South Eastern Suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula. They deliver firewood directly to you.

All firewood is aged, dried and moisture tested prior to delivery to ensure it is ready to burn.

Commercial and Special orders can be cut and split to size to suit Pizza Ovens, Fire pits and Chimineas.

Choose between convenient Bulka Bag delivery for easy storage or Tipper delivery. 

Firewood Online is the perfect wood for pizza ovens.

Phone: 03 5916 1559






Collecting firewood is one of humankind’s oldest activities. Wood fire remains a popular source of heating and cooking in many parts of the world, but many firewood users are unaware of the ecological price of collecting dead trees and fallen logs. It is now recognized that the removal of this wood is contributing to a significant loss of wildlife habitat in many areas and regions of the world –  particularly concerned [about sustainability] in Southeast Queensland.

For this reason, the Australian Federal Government brought in the National Certification Scheme for firewood merchants. To become a Certified Environmental Firewood Supplier the merchant must agree to abide by a national voluntary code of practice that is designed to promote the sustainable use of firewood by ensuring merchants obtain wood from sources that do not threaten the conservation of flora and fauna in forest and woodland ecosystems.

PR Firewood have always endeavoured to follow this code of practice since starting our business in 1999.

All timber products sold by PR Firewood are sourced either from the Queensland State Forest (under license), certified environmental tree plantations and/or supply chains so you can be sure that any firewood you purchase from PR Firewood has been collected legally and according to sustainable management principles to protect the environment.

PR Firewood is the ideal wood for pizza ovens.

Email: info at
Phone:07 5502 6556
Mobile Phone: 0412 068 521