Bring the whole family and the gang closer together with some old-school traditional cooking and baking. Do it with our handmade, wood-fired authentic pizza ovens.

We import the finest quality, artisan-made, wood-fired pizza ovens in Melbourne - each hand-crafted in a rural village near Rio Maior just north of Lisbon, Portugal.

Brick oven pizzas are uniquely flavoured with a delightfully burnt crispy base. Enjoy smoking-hot fresh ingredients as toppings that can beat any expensive restaurant pizza in town. For a lower price, you can relish in an exquisite artisan pizza, and more gastronomic dishes without leaving the house.

Our outdoor pizza ovens in Melbourne are a real investment that go beyond the years of fun and memories you create it with. Experience hands-on pizza making – from kneading the dough, preparing the toppings, to ultimately creating piping hot, wood fired, one-of-a-kind pizzas to enjoy as a group!

Our wood fired ovens aren’t just for pizzas! These Authentic Pizza Ovens cook anything your conventional oven can… and it’ll taste even better. Each oven comes with a beautiful complimentary Portuguese ceramic baking dish. An outdoor wood fire pizza oven is perfect for roasting chicken, veggies, casseroles, desserts, bread, and more!


Handmade Triple insulated ovens

All of our brick ovens are HANDMADE in Portugal and are triple-insulated, which means the outside of the oven is cool to the touch while the inside is blazing hot! Each oven has an inner layer of brick and mortar, which is then covered with refractory cement. A thick layer of Rockwool Insulation is then applied and held down with metal batting before an additional layer of refractory cement.


Watch how our handcrafted, brick Authentic Pizza Ovens are made here:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️M. Heames

We have just purchased Lisbon Pizza oven. Penny at Authentic Pizza Ovens was so helpful on the phone and during a visit to the showroom. Having lived in Italy for several years we had wanted to make pizza as we remembered it and intended to build our own oven. But age and time prohibited this so we found this oven online. We were unsure about installing it but Penny alleviated all our fears. It was delivered yesterday and we hope it will be installed soon and pizza will once again be our favorite fare. We have a large family, all with Neapolitan pizza memories, as Penny said "it will become a memory builder again". Thank you Penny!


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Authentic Pizza Ovens in Melbourne

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