5 Advantages of Having A Wood-Fired Oven

It is quite surprising, if not funny, how fueled oven cooking is now considered the traditional way of cooking while outdoor ovens are gaining back  popularity. The trend had reached continents far and wide. 

Australians are fast catching up. It was in the 1980s when zealous chefs thought of using quality ingredients and tried a wood fired pizza oven  to make gourmet pizza. From then on, there is no stopping as gourmet pizzerias now take a larger chunk of the market over the past ten years. 


Portable Wood Fired Oven at Home


What could be the secret behind the fame of the wood fired pizza oven? The answer lies in the advantages it offers against a fuelled fired oven. 

Here are some of the advantages.

1) It cooks pizza quickly 

Family lives have become busier and the least you would want to eat is a cold pizza. The high temperature of a wood fired oven ranging from 700-800 Fahrenheit is enough to cook a pizza in   just two to five minutes in a wood-fired oven. On the other hand, a conventional oven takes between 20-30 minutes to preheat, plus eight to 15 minutes to bake a pizza.  

2) It offers a variety method of cooking 

If you enjoy adventurous outdoor  cooking, then an authentic  wood fired oven is the best outdoor pizza oven to use. It is versatile allowing you to cook in 3 different ways. 


Conduction cooking
Refractory bricks store the heat, maintain the oven temperature, and spread the heat to the food placed over the bricks. It works like a regular stove top but makes pizza crispier and flavourfully authentic.

Radiant cooking 
The scattered flames make the heat radiate back to the food in the oven. 

Convection cooking
The dome shaped top allows the air to circulate better and even, making the heat curls up thus cutting short the cooking time. 


3) It is healthier 

Vegetables used as pizza toppings retain much of their nutritional value and antioxidants making them healthier if cooking time is shorter.

Wood fired oven is  the best pizza oven for home if you want to save on gas and electricity. This means lower energy consumption which makes it  environment friendly. 

4) It boosts flavor

Nothing beats the wood fired oven when it comes to flavor. The even distribution of heat gives the pizza its smoky flavor setting it significantly apart from an ordinary pizza. As the woods trap the heat, the temperature rises creating a charred and rustic appeal to the pizza.

5) It is entertaining, fun and cool

Setting up an outdoor wood fired oven serves an entertainment spot for many Australian homes. The excitement and anticipation on how your pizza will turn out makes it more fun for friends who drop by.

Moreover, with your wood fired oven set up outside, you would never have to endure extreme heat while cooking indoors. 


Owning a wood fired oven nowadays could be a source of envy from your neighbors. And why not? The advantages listed here are too valuable to overlook. So the next time your neighbors wonder where the flavourful and mouth-watering aroma is coming from, point to your  authentic wood fired oven and give them a smile. 

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