What Are The Benefits In Adding A Wood Fired Pizza Oven To Your Backyard?

There's nothing better than a backyard barbeque for those who enjoy spending time outside. Spending time with family and friends, grilling delicious foods, and making unforgettable memories is what life is all about. If you're looking to spice up your regular barbeque routine, it's time to add a wood-fired oven to your backyard grilling setup. Wood-fired ovens are a fun and exciting way to take your backyard to the next level, allowing you to make delicious recipes you never thought possible.

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Pizza lovers know that nothing compares to a hot and crispy wood-fired pizza, but there are so many more recipes you can create using your wood-fired grill. When you're ready to see how you can take your grilling game to the next level, check out these benefits of adding a wood-fired pizza oven to your backyard today!


Delicious Pizza

backyard pizza oven

Ok, we know this goes without saying, but since it is called a wood-fired pizza oven, we figured it's the best place to start. The high temperatures and stone slab make the perfect environment for creating a crispy crust that contains deeper, more complex flavours than you ever thought possible, and the toppings meld together into a taste sensation like no other. It's true what they say; there is no pizza more delicious than the one cooked in a wood-fired oven.


A Unique Cooking Option

Ok, time for some real talk. We know you love grilling on your barbeque (who doesn't), but it can get slightly repetitive and start to lose some of its excitement. If you've found yourself thinking these thoughts (don't worry, your secret's safe with us), it's time to spice it up with a wood-fired pizza oven. Wood-fired pizza ovens are for so many more things than just pizza; the sky's the limit for the number of recipes you can cook inside it.

Basil Prawns

Why not wow your friends and family with a delicious appetizer like juicy Basil Prawns or the crispiest baked wings you've ever tasted? You can use your oven for a wide variety of main dishes like lasagna, roasts, ribs, and more. Don't forget about dessert; why not use it for baking brownies or making delicious cast iron smores? Once you see everything your wood-fired pizza oven does, you'll wonder why you didn't purchase it sooner!

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Conversation Piece

Weekend Get together Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-fired pizza ovens are an excellent conversation piece, drawing attention for their unique design. You'll find friends and family are excited to discuss your new oven and curious to try all the new creations you make in it. We know you'd never want to brag or show off, but you may find you're open to doing it at least a little with your new oven!


Save Money

Just when you thought owning a wood-fired oven couldn't get any better, you find out it can help save you money. One of the main benefits of using a wood-fired pizza oven is that it requires no electricity or gas to operate, simply relying on good, old-fashioned wood. You never have to worry about power outages or an increase in your energy bill when you purchase your new oven; it operates solely on this abundant natural resource. Depending on how often you use it, you may even see your energy consumption decrease, which we can all agree is pretty amazing.


Retain Your Foods Nutrients

healthier food wood fired pizza oven

When you use your wood-fired pizza oven, your food cooks faster than many other cooking methods. These speeds help the fruits and vegetables within your recipes retain their vital antioxidants and nutrients. The result? Food that not only tastes better but is better for you. Now that's what we call a win-win!


Minimal Space Consumption

space saving wood fired pizza oven

The Maximus Mobile Red Pizza Oven

Wood-fired pizza ovens come in many different shapes, with many only taking up a minimal amount of space. This smaller size means you can have access to delicious wood-fired food in almost any location. There are even portable options, small enough to fit into a food truck, so even the smallest backyards have access to these incredible ovens.

Now that you've seen all the benefits of adding a wood-fired pizza oven to your backyard, you're probably wondering how to choose one that's right for you. There are many options available, but it's vital you choose one made from the highest quality materials from a company that understands the unique design and care that goes into crafting these spectacular ovens. Authentic Pizza Ovens are the original makers of authentic wood-fired pizza ovens.

backyard pizza oven

Our Best seller: The Lisboa Premium Pizza Oven

Our stunning handmade wood-fired ovens are crafted from the highest quality natural materials to ensure you receive the most authentic product available. We triple insulate every one of our ovens, an essential step for maintaining the extremely high temperatures necessary to create the delicious char our ovens are known for making. We never use pre-fabricated kits when building our ovens; they are all one piece and handmade by artisans from a small town just north of Lisbon, Portugal. For those who require authenticity, the decision is clear, choose Authentic Pizza Ovens.


Why Choose Authentic Pizza Ovens?

At Authentic Pizza Ovens, we use refractory brick, a ceramic material in the lining of every oven we build. This material is critical due to its ability to withstand the high temperatures reached by wood-fire ovens. They are also weather-safe and appropriate for outdoor use. We do recommend using a cover to offer an added layer of protection and ensure your oven lasts for generations.

Big Red Authentic Pizza Oven

Check out the Maximus Prime Portable Red Pizza Oven

All of our ovens are meticulously designed for function and beauty, so you never have to sacrifice on style. Authentic Pizza Ovens has many oven models to choose from, including portable, which are perfect for smaller backyard spaces. We also have a wide range of accessories to make your cooking experience even more enjoyable. Now you can update your backyard barbeque set up and ensure you're the envy of all your neighbours and friends by adding an Authentic Pizza Oven wood-fired oven!

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