Winter Care Tips for Your Authentic Brick Pizza Oven: Protecting It from Wet Weather

An authentic brick pizza oven is a cherished addition to any backyard or outdoor space. Its ability to produce delicious, wood-fired pizzas is unparalleled, as well as any other wood-fired dishes. 

However, as winter arrives with its wet and chilly weather, it becomes crucial to take proper care of your pizza oven to protect it from moisture damage. In this blog, we'll explore essential tips to ensure your brick pizza oven remains in excellent condition throughout the winter season.


1. Thorough Cleaning

Before winter sets in, give your pizza oven a thorough cleaning. Remove any ashes, leftover wood, and debris. Use a stiff brush or scraper to scrub the interior walls, floor, and ceiling of the oven. Make sure all the remnants of previous cooking sessions are removed. 

This step prepares the oven for winter storage and prevents the buildup of mould or mildew during the wet season.


2. Apply a Protective Coat of UltraFire

Consider applying a nice healthy coat of Ultrafire to the exterior of your white-domed brick pizza oven. A suitable sealant will create a barrier that helps repel moisture and prevents it from seeping into the porous bricks. 

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Consult with a professional or your oven's manufacturer for any questions on which products may be suitable for your oven. Follow the application instructions carefully to ensure proper protection.

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3. Cover the Oven

Invest in a sturdy and weather-resistant cover specifically designed for your pizza oven. A well-fitted oven cover will shield the oven from rain, snow, and other elements during the winter months. 


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Ensure the cover is waterproof and has appropriate ventilation to prevent condensation buildup. Regularly inspect the cover for any damage or tears and promptly repair or replace it, if necessary.


4. Monitor the Surrounding Area

Pay attention to the surroundings of your pizza oven. Ensure that no trees or branches are hanging directly above it, as falling leaves or debris can cause unnecessary moisture accumulation. 

Trim any overhanging branches to prevent them from obstructing airflow or depositing leaves onto the oven. Maintain a clear area around the oven to minimise the risk of water pooling or splashing onto it.

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5. Regular Inspection

Throughout the winter, periodically inspect your pizza oven for any signs of moisture damage or deterioration. Check the interior for any mould or mildew growth. Early detection of issues allows for prompt repairs and prevents further damage to your oven.

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6. Avoid Unnecessary Moisture

During winter, limit the use of water around your pizza oven. Avoid using sprinklers or hoses near the oven, as excess moisture can seep into the bricks and cause damage. 

Be mindful of drainage around the oven and ensure proper water flow to prevent any pooling or waterlogged areas.


Last Tip: 

Caring for your authentic brick pizza oven during the winter is essential to protect it from the wet weather. 

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By following these tips, including thorough cleaning, applying a protective sealant, covering the oven, elevating the base, monitoring the surrounding area, regular inspections, and avoiding unnecessary moisture, you can safeguard your pizza oven and enjoy its delectable creations for years to come. 

Winter maintenance ensures that your oven remains in optimal condition and is ready to serve up delicious wood-fired pizzas when the weather warms up once again.  

It’s important to note that you absolutely may use your wood-fired pizza oven during the winter months, just be sure to follow the above procedures when finished using it!

For more FAQs and guides on brick oven care, check out our video tutorials.



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