5 Easiest Dishes To Cook in A Wood-Fired Oven

Modern-day living is synonymous with dining out. On average, Australians eat out at least four times a month. That means an average of 51.5 million visits to fast-food restaurants every month. The experience is exciting and practical at times. However, you will soon get tired of the same, sometimes bland fast-food meals. You will crave healthy, well-balanced home-cooked meals. So why not cook with a  wood-fired oven? But pizza is the farthest from your mind. So, what can you cook in a wood-fired oven besides pizza, you may wonder.

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Thankfully, there are more than a hundred dishes you could cook using a trusty wood-fired oven cookbook. On top of that, outdoor kitchen pizza ovens are versatile for various cooking methods. 

Here are some of them and the required temperature for cooking


     Method of Cooking


   Temperature  °F


     Temperature °C


450 – 540°F

230 – 280°C


250 and 300


  Barbecuing/slow cooking

210 – 250°F

100 – 120°C


540 – 600°F

280 – 320°C


Surprisingly, wood-fired ovens are too flexible to cook meat, pasta, pieces of bread,  vegetables and even desserts.


Here is a sample of top-notch dishes to cook in your wood pizza oven to satisfy your curiosity.

1. Rib eye steak

If you think cooking meat in a pizza oven is unimaginable, wait until you try this savory dish. A grilled rib eye steak is how this part of the meat is cooked. But if you want the extra flavour and moisture, grilling it for six minutes in a wood-fired oven is the way to go.

2. Grilled shrimp

Do you want no fuss cooking? Then grilled shrimp is your best choice. Simply remove the shell and head, toss it with honey, soy sauce, olive oil, crushed red pepper, and garlic. Marinade for 30 minutes, then thread the skewers.  The secret to a juicy, tender grilled shrimp is cooking each side briefly (around 2 minutes) and basting them with the leftover marinade. The soy sauce gives its deep flavour, while the honey gives it a sweet, tangy taste.

3.Roasted Vegetables

You know that cooking in a brick oven is healthy. Feasting on roasted vegetables cooked in a wood-fired oven is even more beneficial. A variety of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, squash, corn, and sweet potatoes combined with spices leaves you craving more. The smoldering coals are the perfect bed for roasting vegetables, leaving their smoky but succulent taste. 

4. Roasted Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes

Roasted chicken is one food to cook in your wood-fired oven that is irresistible that even the hard-to-please eater would enjoy. Cooking it with Hasselback potatoes brings it notches higher. 

Nothing spoils a chicken dish more than a dry, burnt, and tough chicken meat cooked in an ordinary oven. But roasting chicken with your authentic , moderately warmed outdoor brick oven leaves nothing but juicy, fall-off-the-bone lean chicken meat. 

5.Nutella Calzones

Wood-fired ovens are economical. You could cook an entire meal starting with roasted vegetables as appetizers, grilled meat as the main course, and Nutella calzones for dessert in one cycle. 

Using leftover pizza dough, scoop Nutella into the center, then fold the edges to form a pastry shape. Mix it with a banana and see your little ones scream for joy. 

Eating out is a refreshing break from a full day’s work. But it could become tiresome and bland if done repeatedly. A wood-fired oven is your best ally to satisfy your cravings. Not only is it healthy, but it is also versatile. From baking to grilling, fast foods may become a thing of the past. 

For more recipes to cook using your wood-fired oven visit our blog section.



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